“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”

                                                                                          -Pablo Picasso


The best birthday present I ever received was a tin of 24 Faber Castle coloring pencils. I guarded them with vigor and spent countless hours drawing and pretending that I was a real artist. However, as life ensued, time for make-believe became less and demands and responsibilities increased. Before long, drawing became nothing more than a doodle during a telephone conversation. The best I could manage was the occasional project to help revitalize my soul. The yearning however, did not wane.

Many years later I am so privileged to live my childhood fantasy. The years of life experience were not wasted. I believe that life’s scars are like wrinkles on your face: They tend to make you an exceptional, unique individual and give you great depth of character. And, mercifully, there is art to cleanse the spirit.


Miemie van Loggerenberg Artist - Marks of life

Miemie van Loggerenberg Artist – Marks of life